QMC Cranes embraces a total design harmony concept. Equal emphasis is applied to lifting capacity, payload, and weight distribution, which results in a finished product tailored for each application.

From the straightforward brutish workhorse to the refined sophistication required of larger machines, we offer a wide range of models, mounting styles, and boom length choices that provide multiple configuration choices for every job.

Modular Design Theory

QMC employs modular design theory to assist with model customization.

  • Enables quick adjustments to dimensions that affect fitment, including:
    • Considers dimensional and weight adjustments for various truck models.
    • Simplifies alterations to adjust for chassis length and wheelbase.
    • Allows for definition of specific requirements such as payload envelope.
    • Capitalizes on all alterations in final load charts generated.
  • Enables substitution of alternate outrigger assemblies in order to optimize configurations that are best suited to specific work requirements.
  • Enhances crane capabilities with addition of optional fly jibs and secondary winches.
  • Affords greater operator comfort in cab during inclement operating environments.

Safety Compliance

QMC Cranes are rated for maximum safety and performance.

  • Complies with ANSI B30.5 and AWS D14.3 for design and manufacturing.
  • Generates best configuration for highest possible payload and load chart for each unit using proprietary software.
  • Applies maximum payload when determining structural limits.
    • Requires no crane derating when lifting with full payload in place.
  • Verifies and maximizes individual load charts during factory testing of every unit.
    • Eliminates need for minimum chassis weight or ballast.
    • Results in the highest unique load chart for each individual crane.
    • Maximizes payload capacity.
    • Ensures highest return on investment.

Real World Rating

All QMC Crane classifications are based on ratings at a 10 foot working radius.

  • Useable real world rating for achievable lifting conditions.

No Postsale Surprises

Presale modeling allows customers the transparency to review specific payload and load chart information consistent with job requirements. We aim to ensure no surprises during postsale operations.

  • Signoff drawing and load charts furnished as part of the sales process.
    • Ensures that crane as delivered will meet customer needs and expectations.
    • Defines loading blueprint to be within DOT, State, and Federal Bridge Law limits.


Standard features focus on safety, productivity, performance, and value.

  • Wide range of options available to enhance standard configurations.
    • Load Moment Indication with safety shutdowns assists operator.
    • Overhead wire proximity detection warns of potential contact.
    • Wireless radio remote control.
    • Reeving options provide best balance between capacity and cycle times to optimize productivity.

Customer Accommodations

QMC Cranes offers flexibility to accommodate customer requests for functional and operational enhancements.

  • Hydraulic system upgrades provide increased speed for duty cycle operations.
  • Hydraulic driven tool circuits, clamshell, air compressors, and more available.
  • Custom tool boxes and supports for deck mounted equipment available.

Truck Purchase Assistance

If you do not currently have an available truck to mount a QMC product, we will assist you in your purchase journey.

  • Customer chooses truck manufacturer, power, drive train, and so forth.
  • QMC provides engineering and sales assistance at point of sale to generate proper truck configuration.
    • Peace of mind knowing truck will be correct for application as delivered.
    • Minimizes postdelivery rework of truck supplied equipment.