Boom Times

New capabilities and sizes are growing the use of boom trucks in a wider range of applications. Highly specialized yet very versatile, boom trucks work daily in a wide range of industries and applications. Today, the truck-chassis-mounted cranes are seen in the electric utility, telecommunications, residential and commercial construction, precast concrete, sign and light­ing, HVAC, road and bridge service, tree care, forestry, mining, and oil and gas sectors.

QMC Keeps the Construction Industry…

QMC owners like that our units are made to be robust and durable, so they have a very long operating life. Additionally, since we build the units with simplicity in mind, they are much easier to upkeep. For precast concrete customers specifically, they say that the ability to deliver and set their products is a vital way to gain a competitive edge over other manufacturers.

Big and Booming

We have one customer who wants outrigger pads painted red, the outriggers themselves yellow, and the deck white. We are happy to do that, and to add an alarm to show the outrigger is retracting, and a backup alarm as well. If a customer can imagine a perfect crane, and can give us a five-point list of what it has, we can do that.