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Crane Hot Line Interviews QMC GM

QMC GM joins industry discussion

Crane Hot Line Interviews QMC GM

“We’re seeing more emphasis on safety features,” says Brent Petring in the October 2020 issue of Crane Hot Line. “We’re also seeing more remote-control applications and the need for additional lighting.”


The QMC Cranes General Manager joins a discussion on the boom truck crane market with fellow industry experts from Altec, Elliott Equipment, Load King Cranes, Manitex, National Crane, Smiley Lifting Solutions, and Boomtrux. Crane Hot Line Editor in Chief Mike Larson handles the heavy lifting of understanding the trends before, during, and after the pandemic.


Get the lowdown on what’s up with the boom truck crane market in the article Business Not Booming, But Steady. As the leading source for the crane, rigging, and specialized transport industry, Crane Hot Line provides thought provoking insights on the current state of all things crane.

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