Tractor-Mounted Boom Truck

QMC tractor-mounted boom trucks are ideal for delivering oversize loads with the unencumbered trailer allowing for the tallest loads without overhead interference. These tractor-mounted boom trucks will accommodate all trailer types, including flat deck, single and double drop, pup, and custom. This feature gives end users the ability to choose trailer type and capacity, facilitates quick configuration of unit to meet specific needs, and provides customization versatility for job specific configurations. An 80,000 pound gross vehicle weight allowance maximizes payload capability.


  • Multi-axle configurations allow load reserve for permitting excessive loads.
  • Design preserves payload envelope by placing crane out of payload area.
  • Offers sensible alternative to hauling and setting nondivisible loads too large and/or heavy for truck mounted cranes.
  • Use as standalone crane or with a trailer for ultimate versatility.
  • Crane capacity is unaffected by trailer attachment, detachment, or payload.
  • Design includes weight of fully loaded fifth wheel to determine structural limits.


  • Multiple configurations available to best suit customer needs.

At a Glance

  • Operate crane with continuous 360 degree rotation using ground level controls
  • Withstand all loads produced during crane operation from integral structure
  • Reeve from one to five parts of line without requiring attachment of snatch blocks
  • Get load and stability tested cranes without requiring minimum chassis weight or installation of ballast
  • Mount cranes on wide variety of chassis and cab styles
  • Maximize payloads while observing federal and state axle limits
  • Determine best placement of product with proprietary software
  • Leverage individual controls for functions for easier sets on uneven terrain
  • Transport and set heavier loads