Crane Controls

Easy to use QMC Cranes controls are ideally positioned for exceptional operator visibility. Quickly and safely make every successful lift and set.

Lift, Transport, Set

With a lifting capacity of 40,000 pounds at 10 feet and an overall boom length of 33 feet, the 4033R is the perfect equipment for precast concrete businesses.

Eccentric Piloted Gearbox

QMC Cranes outfits all its new equipment with a high capacity gearbox for more control during boom swings. The eccentric piloted gearbox reduces slipping when pinion teeth start rounding. Simply unbolt the gearbox, rotate it, and instantly adjust backlash.

Electronic Outrigger Controls

QMC Cranes electronic outrigger controls decrease the number of hydraulic hoses needed while allowing for easier maintenance. This new setup also reduces the amount of heat generated in the system because there is less movement of hydraulic oil.

H-Style Outriggers

QMC Cranes out and down H-Style outriggers offer variable positions versus fixed distance A-Frame models. No pinning required. Long stroke jack cylinders allow for increased ground penetration.

Crane & Leveling Support

QMC Cranes boom trucks feature cribbing pads made of lightweight engineered plastic for crane and leveling support. Easy to handle, the pads are stored close to the outriggers for fast access to leveling on uneven surfaces.

Ergonomic Crane Access

New extendable folding ladders, wraparound grab handles, and slip resistant grip strut decking means getting from the ground to the operator station to the deck and back is easier and safer with QMC Cranes.

Structural Torsion Box

Connecting the front and rear outriggers to the crane, QMC Cranes lightweight torsion box lies along the top of the chassis frame rails. This setup reduces the chance of snapping a frame rail.

Underdeck LED Lighting

Early in the morning or late at night, QMC Cranes’ new underdeck LED lighting provides operators and workers with a safer project site. We even added LED lights inside the toolbox for optimal convenience.

Maximum Payload

Get better balancing and loading for larger and heavier products with QMC Cranes vertical lift cylinders and long lasting Apitong hardwood decking.

Remote Control System

Our remote control systems enable the operation of crane functions at your fingertips. A single operator can move the boom up, down, and around at the job site remotely.