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You’re not getting the most out of your boom truck

You read that right. The boom truck in your yard operating for years isn’t giving you its best performance. The performance it’s capable of. That’s because unless your team is running a QMC, your crane hasn’t been optimized to deliver maximum functionality.

At QMC, our boom trucks are thoroughly analyzed and tested to ensure we capitalize on every possible opportunity to improve capability. Other manufacturers build a standard crane and provide minimum chassis requirements for the trucks without accounting for variation between crane and truck. Their approach marginalizes the difference between units and leaves them building a crane that is just “good enough.”

At QMC, however, we understand all trucks are not the same. We know a heavier truck paired with heavier crane accessories equals additional counterweight when lifting and that a truck’s center of gravity can impact specific lifting quadrants but not others.

Our engineers review not only crane design but also the unique layout of the truck and crane combo to calculate the absolute maximum capacity of a given unit for every point on our load charts.

“Every crane’s load chart is calculated by an in-house proprietary software,” says Brent Petring, General Manager of QMC Cranes. “We check things like the structural capacity and the tipping capacity. Then we provide the limitation of the two as the load chart for that crane.”

QMC doesn’t stop there.

Before delivery, QMC performs thorough testing, taking each unit to extreme limits to validate our calculated capacities. During testing, if a crane’s capacity exceeds expectations, we modify that unit’s specific load chart, codifying the advantage into the crane’s delivered performance.

This process is repeated at every point on the load chart for every single crane we ship.

Our detailed analysis and testing practice ensure a QMC unit always delivers its maximum potential and is never just “good enough.” So, the next time you’re looking for a boom truck, ask yourself, “do I want to get the most out of my crane?”

If the answer is “yes.” Contact QMC Cranes today.

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